Meg Spencer

2014 Nicholson Award

Genre: Theatre

Contact: Yes

Meg Spencer's work: 

I'm working away trying to balance acting and a casual job, enjoying an artists life! Towards the end of last year I was lucky enough to land some really fun acting gigs. This year I'm applying for the two year visa to live and hopefully act in London. 

I'm also working on writing and acting in a web series. It's about a young couple in their early twenties dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it's based on a true story that happened to a partner of mine. It's called Lucky Boy. 

I can't express how much confidence getting the grant from BAF did for my writing and acting all those years back! I'm always grateful! 

I have a director, producer and cinematographer on board for the project and as well as a private funder who will fund half the production of the first episode in early April. We will probably look to crowd fund or other funders for the rest. The idea is to shoot the pilot episode, and then use it to get funding (eg Screen Aus, Screen Vic) to shoot the remainder - if we get that, I will be back from London in a heart beat!

I'm also currently appearing on Sportsbets comedy ads / web series and I'm currently touring in a production of a stage adaptation of Paul Jennings 'The Gizmo.' 

Here's the comedy stuff I've been doing for Sportsbet. 

Lucky Boy - Web Series pilot:

Here's an image from the film Crocodile Tears that I did awhile ago

Here's an image from the film Crocodile Tears that I did awhile ago