Jarred Pior

2007 Ballarat Lyric Theatre Award and 2010 Craig Revel Horwood Award

Genre: Dance

Contact: Yes

Jarred Pior's work: 

Jarred's story:

I would be delighted to share an update for you and for when you meet with Craig Revel Horwood next. I hope you won't be too disappointed to learn that I am no longer dancing though I am still in the arts and my time dancing and overseas had a huge impact on my life and informs so much of how I live my life today. Currently I work as an interior designer for a Melbourne-based company called Coco Republic but to touch on my time overseas in NYC: I spent two years studying with a very well respected and infamous dancer called Gelsey Kirkland who was a partner of Baryshnikov and performed as part of her studio company with a select few other dancers who were also training under her tutoring. The information and experience she had was absolutely incredible and unique I could tell that she was a unique person and the information she was sharing was rare. She was a darling of Balanchine being promoted to principal of NYCB at age 16 and has written a biography of her time with him called "Dancing On My Grave" which is an incredible read. Perhaps it might be a good idea if you're interested to catch up more in person some time. It has been such a long time that too much has happened to write about- I would be here til tomorrow writing!