Welcome to the Ballarat Arts Foundation.

Congratulations to the Winner of the $1000 Eureka Art Award 2014 Aldona Kmiec

Congratulations to the Winner of the $500  People’s Choice Award 2014 Tamara Kellett


Congratulations to the Winners of the BAF Awards for 2014

Mark Bonanno – VJ Award

Amanda Pearce and Jade Thomson – BLOC/Lyric Award

Meg Spencer – Nicholson Award

Lachlan Wilson – Coltman Award

Amy Tsilemanis – Rotary Award

Filmmaker David Brown interviews both BAF Alumni and Chairperson Paula Nicholson. 



Alumni News

Tim Bignall received a VJ Award in 2013 and part of the funds received from BAF, went to enhance his Churchill Fellowship project.  An amazing adventure for Tim with the details in the following report.

The report is reproduced here  with permission of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust


Tas Wainsbrough received a BAF Award in 2011, see this video on her thoughts and  practice:


Ballarat Arts Foundation Patrons are David Hobson and the Mayor of City of Ballarat, formerly Cr Josh Morris.

See more on the Stars of BAF Concert in Archive.

Stars of BAF Concert Mayor Josh Morris, Gordon Williamson and Councillor Amy Johnson

Stars of BAF Concert
Former Mayor & Patron Josh Morris, Gordon Williamson and Councillor Amy Johnson

Principle Sponsors.