Making a bequest

Making a bequest to the Ballarat Arts Foundation is a generous way of making a lasting contribution to the arts of our region. It helps to strengthen the activities and energies of emerging artists, and continues to give support long into the future. The Ballarat Arts Foundation closely manages bequests, and we are happy to discuss with you any special areas of interest. Your bequest is used solely to support artists from the Ballarat region, or for your nominated purpose.

Chelsea Donoghue, a BAF alumna from 2011.

Chelsea Donoghue, a BAF alumna from 2011.

A bequest can take many forms, including:

  • gifts of cash expressed as a dollar amount, a percentage of an estate or the residual value of an estate

  • distributions from a trust

 We invite you to make a notified bequest in your Will. You can do this by:

  • Writing a letter to the Ballarat Arts Foundation advising of your intention to make a bequest

  • Providing a copy of the relevant extract from your Will, and

  • Providing a confirming letter from your solicitor

We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from your solicitor or financial adviser in arranging a bequest. You can make a lasting contribution to the creative arts of our region, even if you are not able to give during your lifetime. By confirming your bequest, the Ballarat Arts Foundation will be able to acknowledge you as a donor during your lifetime – this can be discussed with you in order to confirm your wishes.

Mio Bayly 2016 Alumni

Mio Bayly 2016 Alumni

Wording your bequest

When allowing the Ballarat Arts Foundation the full discretion to apply your bequest, we will allocate the funds to support the works of emerging artists of our region in areas of the greatest opportunity at the time.

Andrew Groch, 2016 Alumni

Andrew Groch, 2016 Alumni

Suitable forms of wording for a Will include:

 I give the Ballarat Arts Foundation (ABN xxxx) for the support of emerging artists in the Ballarat region, x percentage of my estate. The receipt of an authorised officer of the Ballarat Arts Foundation shall be an absolute discharge to my executors.  

 By contacting us directly, we can discuss your areas of interest, and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.