Peter Toohey

2006 BAF Award 

Genre: Music

Contact: No

Peter Toohey's work: 

Since receiving my grant from the BAF, I went on to study at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. I first of all completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and then a Masters of Music Performance, learning from Professor Ian Holtham. During this time I was fortunate to receive some important piano scholarships, and performance opportunities. Highlights included solo recitals at Melba Hall for the lunch hour concert series, and performing Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G at the Melbourne Recital Centre with the Melbourne University Orchestra. At the conclusion of my Masters I received a scholarship from the university to undertake private piano lessons in London and Vienna, with renowned piano pedagogues Joan Havill, Christopher Elton, Peter Feuchtwanger, and Martin Hughes. Since coming back to Melbourne I work primarily as a piano teacher- which includes two days a week at a high school in North Melbourne, and as a freelance accompanist. I give recitals once or twice a year, sometimes solo, but recently I am mostly enjoying collaborating with other musicians in performance.

Claire George

2005 BAF Award & 2010 Amy Young Award

Genre: Theatre and Music

Contact: Yes

Claire George's work: 

I'm proud to be a BAF Alumni, and to be a representative of the title overseas! I'm sending this update from Macau, China, where my partner and I are currently living and working. After a couple of years touring musicals around the country and the world, (Wicked toured Australia, Singapore and Korea!) it's nice to have a place to call home, for the moment at least! Right now, I'm working as a freelance performer, and for me that means taking gigs as a singer, dancer, actor, voiceover artist, wherever possible. Recently I've been recording voice overs for organisations in Hong Kong, and singing concerts around China. It's nice to have the time to teach as well, and there's always a lot to learn from children and from different cultures. As always, I'm grateful for the support that the BAF offered me early in my career, and now as an alumni. And even though I'm pretty far away from Ballarat right now, I'll always feel the connection!